Most Powerful Clot Busting Foods That Works Instantly For Heart

Here are a few clot-busting foods. They thin the blood by suppressing platelet clumping, depress fibrinogen levels (high blood levels of fibrinogen is a predictor of heart disease) and improve clot-dissolving activity.

The anti-clotting effect happens almost immediately. i.e. within 3-4 hours of eating them. Therefore, when such foods are eaten regularly in small quantities they can have a powerful pharmacological effect on your blood clots and save you from a tragedy.

The following are the most powerful foods to prevent clots and boost heart health:



Raw Onion

Green Chillies


Raw Vegetables

Green Tea

Olive Oil Dry

Red Wine

Mackerel / Salmon

Some foods such as garlic, onions and raw vegetables do both the jobs i.e reduce blood clots as well as lower cholesterol so that you can get double benefit. In dairy products like milk and cheese, animal protein as in pork, steak, fried foods, fried snacks pizzas, burgers, hot dogs etc.

Tips for thinning the blood

• Crush garlic and cook it lightly with tomatoes in a teaspoon of olive or groundnut oil. Spread the paste on a slice of whole-wheat bread and have it for breakfast along with a glass of vegetable juice made from ½ raw onion, two carrots and two tomatoes. (The anticoagulant compound called “ajoene” present in garlic, is released, in the presence of heat and acidic food like tomatoes)

• Regular intake of red wine (taken in moderation) or black grape juice seems to promote anticoagulant activity, discouraging heart disease.

• Eat half a onion as part of the salad with each meal. This would help to keep the blood thin.

• The “garam masala” used in Indian cooking discourages blood platelets clumping. Cloves and cumin seed powder also promote anti-clotting activity.

Recommended by Dr.N.Dave
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