• Thinking Too Much Affect's Health And Brain Function

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    Thinking is good, but too much of thinking is hazardous to health and brain. A new study reveals that, people who are good at thinking, do not reflect their feelings easily. Scientifically a region of the brain for such people is larger than those who do not. Scientists have pointed ample of variation in peoples' ability to introspect and point outs that the main key phase of human consciousness is a act of thinking about their own thinking.

    Should we think too much?

    Geraint Rees, professor from University College London who led the research said, "the volume of gray matter in the front prefrontal cortex of the brain, lies right behind our eyes, is a strong indicator of a person's introspective ability and found out that some people think too much about life". These people who think too much on a particular subject gradually looses their memories and also can get easily depressed, which leads to obesity, stroke or serious brain trauma.

    However, it remains unclear how this relationship between introspection and the two different types of brain really works. But then it was discovered that there is a connection between the structure of gray and white matter. The prefrontal cortex has various levels of introspection that individuals might experience. By this way scientists are able to understand how brain injuries affect the individual's ability to reflect their thoughts and actions. This will help treat patients facing brain injuries appropriately.


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