• Healthy Diet Tips For Glowing Skin Naturally

     Glowing Skin Naturally
    Healthy diet tips to glow your skin naturally

    Please note that "What You Eat Reflects On Your Skin". The truth is, what you eat does affect how you look today and down the road.

    Eating right can improve our looks "to a tremendous extent," says Perricone, an expert on eating your way to superb skin. On his anti-inflammation diet, his patients start to look younger — and what's more, their acne clears up and their eczema improves. If you long to look better, too, you have to know the elements of "wrinkle-free diet."

    Good Food, Good Skin

    Perhaps the simplest way to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and ensure the skin is getting optimal nutrition from the foods we eat is to follow the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Daily Food Guide, commonly referred to as the food pyramid.

    These include:

    * Choosing and eating at least three ounces of whole grain breads, cereals, rice, crackers or pasta.

    * Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including more dark green and orange vegetables.

    * Consuming calcium-rich foods, such as fat-free or low-fat milk and other dairy products.

    * Opting for a variety of low-fat or lean meats, poultry and fish.

    * Detoxify once a month by consuming fresh vegetables, fruits and liquids all day.

    Eat generous portions of the right kinds of protein. Protein is necessary for cell repair and helps keep aging in check. On the best-choices list, fish ranks first, followed by these other protein-packed animal products: egg whites, skinless chicken and turkey breast.

    The Role of Vitamins

    Vitamins play a vital role in enhancing your skin’s health and causes it to glow. All types of vitamin B help in making your skin healthy.

    Vitamin B1 helps in improving the circulation of blood, which in turn improves the texture of skin. A deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause eczema, a disease that causes inflammation of the skin.

    An insufficient amount of vitamin B3 can also cause eczema and also result in brown pigmentation, mostly on the face, forearms, and legs. This deficiency is commonly known as niacin deficiency.

    Know three more keys: Drink water, drink water, drink water. Spring water's better than the kind from the tap with all its chlorine and heavy metals.


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* If you're prone to nausea, make chewing on a bit of ginger a habit. - Rock, USA

* Gently stretch your body first thing in the morning. It adds blood circulation and relaxes the mind. - B.J Decosta, USA

* Add salt when you start cooking, it tends to reduce the loss of nutrients that way. - James, UK

* Drinking green tea helps prevent tooth decay by killing plaque-causing bacteria. - Kamal, India

* Drinking two spoonful of honey with half a lime or lemon to warm water first thing in the morning, boost immune, flush toxins in blood. It also helps you reduce your weight.-
Subhash, India


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