• What happens in your body when you fall in love?

    in love
    The feeling of happiness and other feelings when a person is in love is because of the changes and interactions of different hormones in our brain. It is not true that the heart is the center of love because the adrenaline, dopamine, fenylethylamine, endorphin and oxytocin in the brain are the one responsible for the thrills when a person is in love.

    When someone is in love, dopamine gives a person the same feeling as when he/she is in cocaine use. That’s why they wanted to see the one they love.

    Fenylethylamine make the heartbeat faster, breath more rapidly, and the palms of your hands sweating and your cheeks and genitals get an extra blood flow and you start to feel happier.

    When you’re in love, your adrenaline causes the reaction that you’re on standby all the way. Your pupils get bigger, your heart rate goes up, your breathing gets faster and you are not so hungry because your digestive system starts to work slower.

    Endorphin is the natural morphine in our body. When you are in love it has the same effects as heroine and opium which cause you to feel more happy and joyful.

    Oxytocin is also called the mother hormone or cuddle hormone because when a mom breastfeeds her baby, this hormone is produced in big quantities. When you caress this hormone is produced too. It makes you feel linked, takes away fear and makes you feel confident.


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