Great Remedies For Hangover


A hangover is usually the result of drinking too much alcohol,but some people have symptoms after just a small amount of alcohol.The cause is a combination of the dehydrating effects of alcohol and adverse reactions to chemical additives in drinks,particularly dark—colored drinks such as red wine,port,brandy,and sherry.You may have a headache,nausea,dizziness,a dry mouth,and a raging thirst,which may disturb your sleep at night.Most people recover rapidly with some self-help measure.

Fructose is a natural sugar that can help the body to burn up alcohol faster.Plenty of fruit,juices,and honey will help you to recover from a hangover.

Source of fructose
Eat an orange or drink some freshly-squeezed juice to speed recovery.

Avoiding a hangover if you know you are going to drink alcohol, try the following steps.

* Eat a meal before you start drinking.

* Alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks.

What you can do yourself
If you know you have drunk too much,take the following steps immediately to minimize a hangover.Most symptoms clear up within 24 hours.

* Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids before going to bed and the next morning to reduce dehydration.Have a glass of water by your bed,and take sips if you wake up in the night.Fruit juices,which contain the natural sugar fructose,are particularly helpful. Don’t drink tea or coffee because they irritate the stomach and increase dehydration.

* Eat if you can.Even a banana will help to boost low blood sugar levels.

* Take a painkiller to help prevent or relieve a headache.
* An antacid will help to reduce nausea,or try a hangover remedy (see DRUG REMEDIES).

* Don’t drink more alcohol to reduce your symptoms;this will only prolong the hangover.

* Rest until you begin to feel better.

* Don’t drive,Alcohol remains in the bloodstream for long periods,so you may still be unsafe to drive the day after you have been drinking.

Painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol will help relieve a headache.Taking ibupeoren before you go to sleep may actually prevent some of the symptoms of a hangover (although it may worsen any stomach irritation).

Antacids are taken to relieve nausea and indigestion.They are available as hard or chewy tablets, fizzy drinks,or soothing liquids.

Hangover remedies include painkillers, vitamins,antacids, and glucose, and can help to relieve the full range of hangover symptoms.

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